• Innovative new ways to sell products and programs.

  • Implement effective pull-through sales strategies to continually attract potential customers.

  • Add value to each client's business by creating a strong sustainable market presence. ​

  • Forge lasting relationships between manufacturers and customers that will benefit both parties.

  • Communicate with end-users on a regular basis.

The Florida Rep Group is an independent sales agency that provides high quality sales, customer service, marketing and other related services to manufacturers in Florida's building material industry. Our experienced, innovative and energetic sales team has worked with the best manufacturers and distributors, with each team member having a wide range of experience in the industry. We serve customers in every facet of the building materials industry.

  • 1-Step Roofing & Siding Distributors 
  • 2-Step Building Material Distributors
  • Top Tier Roofing Contractors


The mission of The Florida Rep Group is to meet sales objectives for each manufacturer we serve while also representing each client with the utmost integrity. We guarantee to:



Manufacturer's representatives